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What's DOS?
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Lenovo ideapad 110 stuck on Lenovo watermark loop

I recently factory reset my laptop and it said it was missing some things and shut off. Later, I turned it off and all it does is show the “Lenovo” screen, goes black, then grey in a endless loop. How can I fix this problem?

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Re: Lenovo ideapad 110 stuck on Lenovo watermark loop

That sounds horrible. Try factory reseting again through the onekey recovery button of your PC if you have that. If you don't, you can go through other usual troubleshooting to see if it helps. Remove the charger and battery then hold the power button for 1 minute. Then plug in power and start up again. Try entering BIOS or other settings that's accessible from startup to see if that's possible. Last resort would be to take your computer to a professional or try to remove your hard drive, connect it to another computer, format it (Wipes It Clean), and then reinstall windows on it.

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Re: Lenovo ideapad 110 stuck on Lenovo watermark loop

Yes it sound really bad. However, if you can't access the bios either, it could be a really really bad situation for you: motherboard failure. If it is like that.... then... you could save you HDD and maybe sell the ram
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