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Fanfold Paper
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Lenovo ideapad 305 15 IBY 80nk BIOS

Good day.


I updated my BIOS with this


After update i got a big problem. It cound not find anything to boot from .So i did Fn+F2 -The Information show the HDD in hard disk   and DVD in ODD ,but in Boot while i have UEFI boot mode i do not have anything to boot with the EF is totaly clear(there is nothing..not even network) ... 

When i switch to Legacy support mode there is HDD, ODD, USB, i tryed to start windows from hdd in this mode but failed ( not possible on legacy mode (  the 0x0 ...00A5 error ))

so i wanted to try from usb or cd windows instalation ( is not possible on legacy mode ( ...00A5 error )) but i was totally able to boot enything else on it..(linux, comodo rescue and stuff like that) ..right now i have installed linux on hdd ..and i am able to boot it while on legacy. 


Is there a way how to get the previous version of Bios? Any way  to install the version? or somehow get a DVD or anything like that so i can boot and isntall it from CD/DVD or boot-usb (vie legacy)? As i can NOT use windows (legacy say no..and UEFI is blind) right now it i am at tought spot.


I saw a few similiar posts but not with this particular problem, or not answered(put poorly described problem). 

Fanfold Paper
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎04-01-2018
Location: US
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Re: Lenovo ideapad 305 15 IBY 80nk BIOS

Ok i somehow managed to repair part of it. Had to us Hirens boot DVD (the mini XP will NOT work ...i mentioned reason already) but the WinPE (modified as there is no orther way to launch *trying not to curse i am just salty after 2 days* EXE)  will. There i could do a few stuff which enabled usb to add to uefi (hdd still in legacy) ... but after installing win from usb on to HDD now it is able to start even from it(win legacy mode). 

There should be archive fr the old Bios versions, way to install without windows ... or it is a marketing strategy to make peoples to pay for repairing fees after the warranty fall becouse installing *broken update* will make pc unusable (me just being salty)?


Even if it is working...HDD is not UEFI ... waiting for the solution and any update even theoretic is wellcome (possible of getting a idea)

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