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Lenovo ideapad 305 won't turn on - Requesting input and advice

Well, uhm... First of all: Greetings! This is my first... well, post here.

I'm having a rather distressful issue with my ideapad 305. I've had it for roughly two months. Here's the situation:

Early this Sunday morning, my laptop was working just fine. I turned it on for about half an hour and then shut it down to do some stuff. After returning home some hours later, I turned it back on and did some work - the usual stuff. I shut it down after a couple hours and then tucked it securely in my backpack and left to visit a friend.
When I took my laptop out and set it up and turned it on, it emitted a faint "fffrt" sound after a few seconds of starting up and shut down. I was surprised and turned it back on. Everything went normal until it prompted me with the black screen and white text pointing out it had shut down oddly a few moments ago, and it gave me two options: Continue as normal or check and repair any damage. I, of course, went for the latter and then was prompted a minute later with the option to roll back in case any data was damage, losing some of my data in the process (installed software and such). Because I didn't want to risk losing anything, I went for "No" and the process cancelled itself and the laptop shut down.

That's where the problem began: My laptop refuses to start up again. Whenever I press the power button, the LED lights up for a brief instant and nothing happens; no sound, no fan working, no nothing. I tried plugging the charger and the small LEDs that tell you it's charging lit up, but when I tried pressing the power button, the latter refused to light up. I got very worried, so I took the battery out and tried again: This time none of the LEDs lit up.

I contacted support via chat half an hour later after trying again a couple times. They told me to press the power button for 50 seconds and try again, but it did nothing. I went through the process of requesting the stuff to mail my laptop (there are no Lenovo places in the city I live in) to Lenovo and sat there worrying over all the important data I have in my hard drive.

I've asked friends and people I trust with hardware and computer tech, and the ones that provided an answer suspect it's a problem with the power supply itself. I am reluctant to actually go through sending it to Lenovo because I don't want to lose any of my information if they decide to format my hard drive (I was going to do a backup tomorrow, so timing definitely screwed me over) because they clearly state in their warranty that they don't make themselves responsible for personal data. I thought of taping a letter to the laptop itself asking politely to please do a backup for me, no matter the extra cost (provided it doesn't cover backups) or to please leave it untouched, because I'd much rather mitigate loss than repair it if my hard drive information is at stake.

So I'm writing this in hopes that anyone can perhaps provide some insight and help me out by either pointing out what the problem may actually be or... just offering something to give me some peace of mind.

Thanks in advance!

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