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Lenovo ideapad 310-201AP keeps freezing

I have started a new post, even though this forum is littered with identical freezing problems throughout a range of LENOVO pcs. With the earliest post in, I believe 2015. It is now almost 2019 and the posts are still coming in

I have had my Lenovo approx 6 months and I have had the freezing fault  since about week 4 and now it happens at least once per day.  The  only way I can resolve this is by closing it down by the power button and restarting it. Beside being frustrating and time wasting, I cannot believe this is the only solution on offer. I, like the majority of computer users have very valuable documents stored on my PC.  Please don't tell me that i should be backing up my work constantly. This computor was bought with a memory, I would like to use it and back up at a time of my choosing and not be fearful of forcing a shut down after freezing only to find that it will no longer boot up. 

As i have noted from searching this forum, this 'freezing' is a well known problem, yet LENOVO has been unable to come up with an acceptable solution.  If the product came with the  original factory  setting and freezes, what is the point of returning it to the factory setting? 

May I suggest that instead of LENOVO offering a forum for consumers to sort out LENOVOs built in soft and hardware faults, LENOVO address the issue in the manufactoring stage for future buyers and provide us existing unlucky customers with a solution. 

Posted via my ipad as my LENOVO Is frozen! Thank you for reading


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