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Lenovo ideapad 310 does not have IMA


since I bought my new laptop back in Dec 2016 and aside from the fact that I had to struggle a bit with the delivery process that ended up to be a non-issue, I was happy with this machine... Til about three weeks ago. Unfortunately, the return period has expired and since the whole story is not relevant here (other than just venting my frustration) I will just try to turn this into a positive experience by asking and perhaps offering advise out there.

My ask is: Does any one out there know if there is a way for me to have similar functionality that an Integrated Microphone Array via an outside device or anything on this machine? The Ideapad 310 unfortunately does not come with this device which is embeded in the motherboard. Since I had bought HP laptops in the past which bring it as part of the standard build, I didn't even think (nor did I know) of finding out if this machine had this component. But it doesn't come with it. Yes I know, my bad, I should've sticked to HP, but anyway, I have this piece of expensive hardware (at least for me) and I can't use it for what I need because it does not come with that feature. 

Please, I've done quite a lot already, so don't offer anything else than what I am asking, please, if you don't know what an IMA does then it is basically an internal microphone that you can use as opposed to a headset. I need that to work that way. Period. So, I don't know, Lenovo tech support had already given their veredict but perhaps some savvy person out there may be able to give me an alternative. The reason why I needed is because I need to play sound on my laptop when I am on a conference call setting, if I use my headset the sound does not come out for everyone else to hear but only myself and the idea is that the people on the conference line can hear the sound produce from within my laptop. I have not been able to figure out another way to do it but by using that microphone that again, comes as standard on the HP machines I've bought and thought that it did in any new and modern machine. Turns out not all Lenovo systems do.

So well, again, please if you have any idea, I would be happy to hear from you, I have no other option but to turn this machine into an expensive youtube device, and I can't afford that nor selling it would be an option, no one would buy it anyway.

And my advice is: IF you DO need sound to come out from within your system and enable others connected via some sort of software such as GotoMeeting, Skype or something like that and need that sound to be crisp and clear, do not buy this machine.

Thank you!!



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