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Lenovo system interface make my hard disk running super slow ?

I am using lenovo laptop from last december and I am unhappy with first day from using it. the hard disk is running super slow. 


So After a lot of research and checking I remove the System interface software and my computer perform normal. My 35K Asus laptop perform faster than 45K Lenovo laptop. (Even lenovo laptop is 7th gen and Asus is 6th gen).


Today I installed it back System interface and now when I backup (one key recovery). 9 hours is gone and the software say 6 more hours to complete the backup.


Now if I remove it, it take only 1 hours 30 minutes to finish the backup. so it's performing 10% of what it perform without having system interface.


Can someone from lenovo explain why they make garbage things like this. When I read about bluefish and now this thing happening blow my mind.

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