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My Lenova ideapad 100 battery wont charge.

I plug it in and it stays at 5%. It acts like it is going to charge, for less then 30 seconds and stops. I keep it plugged in but the percentage of charged power is slowly dropping. I got this last December but for some reason the warranty was started before I got it. I am not pleased and need to fix this. Any ideas? Thank you.

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Re: My Lenova ideapad 100 battery wont charge.

Hi there, Kimberly                  -


Thank you for writing in to the Lenovo Forum - happy to have you here today.


You can also start by flushing out all static, remove battery and AC adaptor and hold down power button for about 15 seconds.


Update us how it goes.







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Re: My Lenova ideapad 100 battery wont charge.

Welcome to the Lenovo Community Kimberly !


Regarding your warranty date issue....  With retail sales Lenovo will start the warranty date on the day the retailer purchased their shipment of computers. Lenovo usually adds an additional month to the warranty to compensate for the time the computer sat unsold in a warehouse or on the store's shelf. In your situation the computer sat longer than expected. Not a problem. Just use the email link below to contact the Lenovo Sales Team and report the warranty date problem. Be sure to include a scan of your sales receipt or invoice. The Sales Team will then adjust your warranty starting date accordingly.

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