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New Ideapad 100S 14IBR - Shrank battery capacity

Hi everybody.


I recently bought the Ideapad 100S 14IBR at a local store the on September, 19th 2016. It is a nice notebook but I just discovered something pretty unpleasing. 


With Windows 10 installed, I could do 8 hours of word processing with close to full battery which is pretty neat. After installing Linux, to my surprise since this OS has bad reputation about battery life, I still could get around  8 hours of word processing just like Windows. Very nice for college usage. However, Linux Mint gives access to more in-depth informations about battery life, that I can't seem to get on Windows. 



As you can see, my brand new battery can store up to 4350 mAh full charge according to its desing but I can only store 3721 mAh at full charge, which is an indication of wear. This discrepancy seems pretty large since I just recently bought it (see 20 charge cycles in 21 days of usage) but the battery is already at only 85% of its life expecatncy, which seems to be a lot of wear for such a small period.


I know that these tools aren't the most accurate but the "charge_full" rate has been going down pretty reasonnably (normal wearing) since I have been monitoring this data so the measures seem to be pretty legit and not complete fantasy.


It really surprises me since I've been using my laptop very reasonably, making sure it didn't heat and keeping the battery life between 20 and 90 % in order to avoid cells being damaged. I've been very conservative.


What can I do about ? Do you know if the customer support would change my battery? Is installing Linux voiding my warranty (anyways my issue is from hardware nature so it shouldn't matter right) ?


Thank you.

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