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Paper Tape
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Re: New Ideapad 320 really slow?

did. I seem to be using the microsoft driver already. I suspect when I wiped it off entirely last week, it already reverted to the microsoft one. thanks for the tip, though.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: New Ideapad 320 really slow?

core i5 7th gen, 8gb ram, 2gb nvidia geforce,
And this running extremely slow.
Punch Card
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Re: New Ideapad 320 really slow?

I watched this tutorial... It disables unnecessary Windows 10 services.. my laptop is a bit faster..



This also may help .. 

How to Fix Hard Drive Disk 100% Usage



Punch Card
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Re: New Ideapad 320 really slow?

Probably bad form to reply to my own posting, nonetheless...


... I had dropped off to me yesterday (June 7, 2018) a Windows 7 Toshiba laptop with an AMD processor.


A few months back, the hard disk on this laptop had started to fail and had I cloned it to an SSD.


The old HDD and the SSD were attached to one of my PCs in external caddies and I did the cloning using the boot CD of Acronis 2016 - which is one of the few cloning apps I am aware of that allows you to clone a disk to another of lower capacity than the original,


Acronis itself is NOT a program I would ever install on a PC because of a horrible experience I had a good few years back when I realised it was causing peformance issues on my main work machine and I had to jump through 1001 hoops before I was finally able to get rid of it but, afterwards, permormance was massively improved. Now what I do is buy Acronis and download the boot disc ISO and burn that to a disc.


Back when I did the original HDD>SSD job, read/write speeds of the SSD for larger file sizes were about as good as I could expect - 250MB/s - because the laptop only has SATA 2, not SATA 3. Had it had SATA 3, I would have expected the speeds to be nearer to 500MB/s. The speeds were assessed using ATTO.


Anyway, when it was dropped back to me yesterday, speeds were massively down from when I'd first set it up and, because it was AMD (with AMD hard disk drivers) and because I'd recently written here about changing the hard disk drivers, I followed my own advice and disabled the AMD hard disk drivers, rebooted and told Windows to update the drivers - and to do this by searching for drivers installed on the computer - I picked standard Microsoft and then rebooted again.


Speed was massively better but still rather erratic, so I installed (reluctantly) the latest version of Auslogics Disk Defrag, which I know tries very hard to install stuff that I don't want on a computer. Having already run CCleaner and got rid of lots of temp rubbish (and also used a couple of antimalware apps to get rid of malware), I then ran Auslogics special SSD optimise routine and, bingo, speeds were back to where they had originally been when I first installed the SSD.

Paper Tape
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Re: New Ideapad 320 really slow?

Don't bother, lenovo's latest ideapad 320 15ikb with 8th gen core i5 also has the same problem. I dont think Lenovo  test the laptops before launching. 

What's DOS?
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Re: New Ideapad 320 really slow?

Hey, I had the same problem when I bought the laptop but now it is working fine as I did 2 things:


1. I increased the Virtual ram of every disc. Made it equal to the actual physical RAM

2. I uninstalled the MacAffee anti-virus and installed other antivirus. I must say there is something wrong with McAffee. 



Now it is working perfectly fine. Let me know if this works for you too.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: New Ideapad 320 really slow?

hello vijendra,


        Thanks for your comment .


but can you please tell me these 1 points which you mentioned.

how i can  increased the Virtual ram of every disc & Made it equal to the actual physical RAM ???

What's DOS?
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Re: New Ideapad 320 really slow?

For those of you who reinstalled windows using the link on Microsoft's site, was a seperate license required or was there something already in the firmware that authenticated windows when you downloaded a copy from Microsoft's site?

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Re: New Ideapad 320 really slow?

To download Windows 10 from Microsoft website using Media Creation Tool you don't need any license key. The installer however will ask for a key during installation. When this will happen, just click "I don't have a key" and on the next screen select the Windows 10 edition that was preinstalled on you laptop. Windows 10 will activate automatically based on the license kept in your motherboard's BIOS.
Paper Tape
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Re: New Ideapad 320 really slow?

I gave up and installed a Kingston SSD (448GB) for around AUD $169.00.


Process was super easy,  now it's like a new computer.  Don't waste any more time trying to speed this thing up with the current junk Seagate hard drive.


1.pngTake off the back case (removing optical drive 1st)2.pngUnplug battery, install SSD.. Easy

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