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Paper Tape
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New Ideapad 320s slow, need help

 offer some help from your side , recently i purchased a new ideapad 320s, i3, 7gen, 4gb ram, 1TB hdd, turns out to be one of the slowest laptop in the world!


Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue and moved post to its own thread.


Paper Tape
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Re: New Ideapad 320s slow, need help

I have i5 7 gen  4Gb / 320 - is the slowest in the world 

Paper Tape
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Re: New Ideapad 320s slow, need help [100% SOLUTION]

Hi. I backread some of the comments and came across their solution of reinstalling windows 10, but without much detail. I did a little research and with a little help from my IT friend and voila! my Lenovo ideapad 320 now works 100% A-ok! Smiley Happy
Would like to share this solution because I know how it was frustrating when you know you just bought a brand new notebook that felt like running on Pentium 1 processor lol.
1) For a start, i recommend you back up all your necessary files in a separate external drive because the process will wipe out everything; have a spare (and empty) 16gb usb thumbdrive (this is for the bootable Windows 10 installer).
2) Go to, download the Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool and make a bootable usb windows 10 installer.
3) Follow the instructions here on how to do Clean Install Windows 10 ( or feel free to Google search "how to Clean Install Windows 10".
4) After the process, i did the partitioning and allocate 450gb for my C drive and the rest from the 2tb to my D drive (as opposed to the previous C drive allocation which is too small in my opinion), but again you can do it in your own preference
5) Since the notebook has been reformatted and reset to factory settings, just do the usual setting-up, (user, password, etc)
6) Go to device manager. You will notice at the list that there's a category "Other devices" with a yellow exclamation. These are the missing drivers that you need to re-install.
7) Go to and key in your Lenovo notebook's serial number at the "Detect Product" box and it will automatically detect the model name. Then just select the OS from the pull down tab, and you can proceed to download and install ALL the drivers in the list.
You will notice that the after the installation, the "Other devices" with the exclamation symbol are now gone in the Device Manager's list.
8) for the dedicated Nvidia GEFORCE (check your product's specs) mine is MX150, just go to NVIDIA website download the driver and install.
9) By now you will notice (or feel) the HUGE improvement in your Lenovo notebook. Took me a maddenning half year to figure out how to fix this and i almost wanted to smash this thing on the wall. Haha.
That's why when I finally get to fixed this, i felt the need to share the solution to others

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