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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎03-06-2019
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No HDMI video or audio output from Lenovo 530s, have tried several solutions

Here's the gist- My Lenovo 530s is not outputting anything when connected via HDMI to a display.


What I've tried to no avail

What I haven't tried

  • Resetting windows (last resort because this is a computer I use for college work and I'd rather not have it out of commission for a while)
  • Any of your unique suggestions 

What I've noticed

  • When I do win+p and bring up the projection menu, whatever option I select (for example: 'duplicate') when I click way to hide the menu and then re-open it, it always switches back to 'pc screen only'
  • The computer makes no indication is it connected via sound or pop-out alert that it has been connected to an external display
  • I also have ethernet to usb-c adapter, it connects fine and the computer can work on the wired connection for a short while but then it will drop the connection and reconnect to the adapter and then drop it again and then reconnect. This is not solved by holding the adapter in to ensure electrical contacts, the computer appears simply to be arbitrarily disconnecting and reconnecting-  this is not my focus issue but it may be connected to the hdmi issue.

Thanks for the help.

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