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Paper Tape
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RAM upgrade for Flex 14, what would be the options? (Solved)

I am looking to pruchase the Flex 14 (Intel) laptop, with the i3 processor. But only 4gb of RAM just isn't going ot cut it for what I need. Everything else with this laptop checks out otherwise (which is why I am bent on this specific laptop... especially with that price).


I have upgraded RAM in laptops in the past, so I know all the basics and whatnot to do so... but I can't find any information on what is compatible with this specific laptop. When I google it or look it up on Crucial, the only RAM I find is old DDR3 replacements, when the stock is DDR4.


Anyone know what my best bet on upgrading it after I buy it? And what the max RAM the motherboard will support? (I read somewhere that it only did 8gb, but it was an old post that indicated it was on an older version of the laptop, as he was saying his stock RAM was DDR3).



If there's just no way to do it, could ya'll help me find one that can?

The features I am looking for are:

-i3 or i5 Intel processor, 8th gen if possible. 7th at the least.

-Comes with, or capable of 16gb of RAM upgrade

-Touch Screen

-Under $600

-360 Foldable (not as important as the above mentioned)

-Windows (no chromebook shenanigans)



Paper Tape
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎07-16-2019
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Re: RAM upgrade for Flex 14, what would be the options?



I actually got in contact with customer support. Turns out they actually had a version of this laptop that had 16gb support, but are currently not selling any.


I learned in that chat that any SO-DIMM 2400 RAM card will work, but that there is only one RAM slot so if I want to upgrade, it has to be a single card kit. (a bit annoying as I tend to find single card kits more expensive than dual card kits of the same memory capacity).


The cheapest but best quality one I could find is the Corsair Memory 16GB (1x16GB) DDR4 SODIMM 2133MHz C15.


I think 2133 means it gonna be a bit slower as I don't know if that overclocks to 2200... but it is 16gb, and only about 90 bucks rather than Lenova's 250 dollar upgrade option... so I guess it's the best bet considering my budget.

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