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Tomorrow is my last chance, should I take my ideapad 100s back for a refund or replace or keep it?

I do not know what this laptop is supposed to be able to do but I do know that it is not able to do the things that others claim that it can.


Tomorrow is the cut off date for my ability to return it for a full refund or replacement so could anyone please tell me:


What is this device supposed to be able to do battery wise?


According to a review it can do 9 hours of constant web surfing. Mine can do 7 hours of no screen turn off and no sleep (so constantly on), with battery saver and power saver mode both on, and about an hour and a half of web surfing spread out sporadically throughout the 7 hours. If I constantly web surf it gets maybe 4 to 5 hours of battery. With sporadic use and letting it sleep and turn it's screen off it gets well over 24 hours of battery life.


Is this how it is supposed to be? 7 hours of constantly being on with only low, sporadic actual use and over 24 hours if use is low and sporadic and it is allowed to sleep when not being used? Or is it really supposed to be able to get 9 hours of constant web surfing?


If it is supposed to get 9 hours of constant use then I clearly have a bad battery and need to take it back!


But the Lenovo page for this device says 7 hours and that this depends on many factors, so it sounds like my battery may be just fine and whomever got 9 hours has a lot of luck and that is not the norm for this device.


However I have no idea! Please can anyone who knows tell me before tomorrow night so I don't end up keeping a machine with a bad battery?

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Re: Tomorrow is my last chance, should I take my ideapad 100s back for a refund or replace or keep i

I haven't used that model, but my experience with lots of machines and various brands is that I have NEVER gotten the battery life that is advertised in reviews and specs.  My guess is that your battery life is normal for your configuration and the way you use it.


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