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Paper Tape
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Touch screen and Touch pad problems

Hi All, some one pls help me.

1.  On my touch screen - left top corner the volume screen shown 0. This is reduced automatically.

2. The touch pad is not working - I am not able to move the cursor but can click where ever it is placed.

3. The keyboard on tablet mode is also not working.


this happened all of the sudden. Is there any virus or some issues with software. Pls help i am really need of a solution here.


Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue and moved posting to it own thread.


Paper Tape
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Re: Touch screen and Touch pad problems

Lenovo, could you please address this issue. I and others are also experiencing. Thanks

Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎12-26-2016
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Re: Touch screen and Touch pad problems

OK, so after hours of testing and tinkering, I think I have a solution; however, unfortunately, it is not specific.


My problem:

Bought a Lenovo Laptop and the first day of using it, the touchscreen quit working (touchpad continued to work fine). The display did not respond at all to any touchscreen input.


The solution: this problem lies in how Windows 10 manages power.

  1. Navigate to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options
  2. Click Change Plan Settings next to the Power Setting your computer is using 
  3. Click change advanced power settings
  4. OK, now here is where I regret to say I cannot tell you exactly what worked:
    1. Go through each of the power settings and try turning on or off power settings
      1. You want to find the power saving option that is incorrectly causing windows to try to save power by shutting off the touchscreen input on the display. 
      2. I might take a guess that it has to do with PCI Express Link-State Power Managment or USB Settings, but I changed many settings to solve the problem and I could not cause the touchscreen to stop working again by flipping them back so I cannot tell you exactly what worked for me.
    2. If you find the one that works for you, you can try changing the settings back to how you prefer them seeing which, if any, cause the touchscreen to quit working again, and if you have trouble again in the future, you can try changing these settings again.

Other things I tried that DID NOT work:

  • Turn on/off tablet mode
  • Flip the computer screen back and forth (to test for hardware/wiring problems)
  • System restore
  • Check for and install updates
  • Uninstall HID Driver for touchscreen in device manager and restart to reinstall the driver
  • Attempt to calibrate the display


Hope this is helpful and it prevents you from spending the hours and hours I did researching this problem. Hopefully Lenovo or Microsoft will fix this error with an update soon! I will update this post if I have more specific info.



What's DOS?
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Re: Touch screen and Touch pad problems

hola tengo un constante problema con mi touchscreen tengo una Ideapad S210 Touch y al encenderla siempre me salen unas bombitas como si estuvieran presionados los botones de la touch y no me deja realizar nada no puedo mover mouse ni apagarla, quisiera saber de que manera arreglo este inconveniente gracias 

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