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Blue Screen Again
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USB UEFI boot in Ideapad 320s?

I recently bought a Lenovo ideapad 320s. 

I wanted to dual boot Ubuntu with the preinstalled Windows 10. But the pendrive isn't booting in UEFI mode. I dont want Ubuntu in legacy( though it worked in legacy mode) as i have to press the novo button everytime to boot to windows.

I have scrapped every forum and posts about the same but failed to do so.

Please tell me if it possible else i have to return the laptop.

Paper Tape
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Re: USB UEFI boot in Ideapad 320s?

I'm not 100% sure on this but are you using a live USB stick? If so try installing a Linux that supports UEFI, from your live pen  drive to another USB pendrive, I think installing adds the UEFI key to the secure boot on the computer. Only down side is you may find you need the USB drive in to boot windows, but I'm not 100% sure.
Before trying this back your data and Windows installation up in case it goes wrong. I had some problems putting on an Ideapad 100s if you mess the UEFI boot loader up, use a live USB with boot-repair.
I'm looking to buy the 320S, any info on Linux on these would be appreciated, what works and doesn't especially if Linux see's the internal SSD drive.  

Paper Tape
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Re: USB UEFI boot in Ideapad 320s?

There is a real Catch-22 here.

I have loaded Linux and kept W10 successfully, but the Boot Loader needs repairing (only W10 loads).

But with the Lenovo Ideapad it is not possible to boot from a USB except in Legacy BIOS, and boot-repair, which is on a bootable USB stick,  refuses to run in Legacy mode and says I must change the BIOS to UEFI!!! 

 I have asked on this forum why Lenovo refuses to allow a USB boot in UEFI but had no answer yet.

I suspect that Lenovo is not a good choice for dual booting.

What's DOS?
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Re: USB UEFI boot in Ideapad 320s?


Have you determined how to do this? I too would like to dual boot Linux and W10 on my Ideapad 320s. Thank you very much!
What's DOS?
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Re: USB UEFI boot in Ideapad 320s?

In this video show how to do it from the beginning and try both.


Good luck.

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