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Paper Tape
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Wifi on Lenovo 320S-13IKB is terribly slow



yesterday i received a brand new Lenovo 320S-13IKB 81AK0036GE. Directly when starting the device, i noticed that web pages load really slow. Since i have a 100MBit internet connection at home, i was a bit worried.


So i run some tests with the 320s and my Thinkpad T440s. Both on the same wifi network.


* Downloading a file (Ubuntu iso image) from as fast server located in my country (Germany)

- Lenovo 320S: Around 150-200 KB/s

- Thinkpad T440s: 3.0-4.5 MB/s


* Executing a DSL Speedtest:

- Lenovo 320S: 1.8 MBit/s down, 5Mbit/s up

- Thinkpad T440s: 41 Mbit/s down, 5 Mbit/s up


I am really confused by the fact that the upload on the 320S is faster than the download.

I installed the newest wifi drivers:

I even booted Ubuntu Linux from a USB stick: The wifi was also slow using Ubuntu...


Do you have any idea what this could be? I am very disappointed because Lenovo notebooks always worked well for me, and this one is brand new...


Best regards,


Paper Tape
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎03-24-2018
Location: DE
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Re: Wifi on Lenovo 320S-13IKB is terribly slow



Please help me with this problem. The laptop is brand new and i have to return it if i can't solve the problem.

After doing some research i believe the Atheros QCA9377 driver is the reason, that on some networks that use WMM, the wifi is slow. I tried various driver versions but the problem persists.

If i create a hotspot on my Samsung Galaxy S7 and connect with the 320s, i get around 30MBit/s speed. Please understand that changing the settings on my router is not a solution, because i also want to use the device on wifi networks where i cannot change the settings.


I also contacted your support via email contact form but how am i supposed to describe a problem like this in 200 characters?

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