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What's DOS?
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Won't Start After Sleep Mode

Hey guys, 


So I've been having this issue for a while now where if my computer is put into sleep mode or the power button is bumped then it won't wake back up again. I have to hard restart it by holding down the power button until the screen turns back on again. I downloaded a power management driver a few weeks ago which helped until an update happened and my computer is back to its old self. Any help would be appreciated.




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Re: Won't Start After Sleep Mode

II’ve had the same issue. Im also having issues with my screen flickering. 


This is a portion of the latest I’ve emailed to Lenovo regarding my case number the was opened. 

My computer still has issues. I’m very frustrated. I tried talking to someone earlier today but I don’t think we were connecting. She wanted me to troubleshoot and I told her I’ve called you all, had you remote in on several occasions and taken it to Best Buy as directed. I’ve been told there are no hardware issues by tech support last week as well as Best Buy in April.


Last Friday, with the sleep mode issue, supposedly the guy did some troubleshooting and then said if it wouldn’t fix then that’s just the way it would be. I’ll just have to live with it essentially.


I called today because I started having the flickering again that I thought may have been fixed. I noticed it flickering when the screen moves, but it doesn’t always happen. I cannot command it to happen or replicate the issue. It just does it on its own randomly and not every time I’m using the computer. 

It’s very aggravating to have to keep calling back or submitting an online chat request and have to reiterate my issue over and over again when I feel everything is likely being recorded each time I’ve called in. 
I’ve been very happy with Lenovo until a few months ago when I first noticed it was working/running really hard with the fan on, trying to cool itself down, all while it was supposed to be in sleep mode. It was hot hot hot to touch. I had to hard shut down and pretty much every time since I’ve had to hard shut down if it accidentally goes into sleep mode because I step away because it won’t come on otherwise. This is frustrating because all of my documents are constantly having to go into auto recovery mode. 
I bought this about 10 months ago and I’d like it to work properly again. I didn’t buy a refurbished one and If there are functions that the computer claims to do when I purchase for $900 then I think they should work well beyond 10 months. The answer, “it’s just going to have to be that way,” is not acceptable to me. 


I’ll keep you posted. I certainly empathize with the frustration. 

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