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auto Drive unallocation issue and loss of all drive data in it, due to it.

Dear Lenovo,

 I give up now. Again for the fourth time, straight. One of my drive got unallocated, once again, with just 7 days ago,even after I did, as directed by the customer support for solution. (#screenshot 2 and 4). All they did was ask me to reinstall the OS using the one-key recovery.
Its a terrible experience, using this piece of lenovo Ideapad 310 15IKB. I need a straight forward either, a replacement of this system or a straight solution. I am done with your explanation that you donot support drive partition. Then, what should I do, to store my files, folders and data, store them all in cloud. If you suggest me to store everything in C drive, give me a written official statement, that upon storing, everything in C drive, with all games files, movies and softwares, my system will not slow or its performance will not be affected.  Or rather, I should stop using this laptop for all and keep as a show piece.
I do not get, that whether all apps, default ones especially, are facing which problem, that they are resetting, automatically.
The system, is getting slower, so fast that, even I fear between switching programs. For example, if I minimize or open any other program, like folders, It takes more than a minute to open it. This is your Lenovo's 4 GB DDR4 RAM with 2.5 GHz speed.  
Please, spare me out, I mean it seriously. I have already given all the diagnostic data of hardware and even remote control to your servers, still Lenovo is not able to recognize this issue of Drive unallocation and slower performance. This is my last request for support.


Bit Torrent
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Re: auto Drive unallocation issue and loss of all drive data in it, due to it.

I would run chkdsk on the hard drive, because it may be that your Master File Table (MFT), which holds the partition information, is getting corrupted, perhaps due to a failing drive.    Drive errors can also cause the drive to slow down and can fragmentation and drives if space is limited.    


Running the Hardware Scan using the Lenovo Solutions Center might also be a good idea as well, as it will check the S.M.A.R.T. status of the hard drive.


BTW   Creating a multiple partition on the same physical drive does not measurably increase performance.   Multiple partitions may aid in organization, but that is about it..    I store all my file, movies and software archives on an external USB hard drive, but do so mostly for disaster recovery should my primary drive fail.


If you are looking to speed the system up, I would add more RAM.. which I believe the max is 20GB on that model.


Best of luck,


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