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can Flex 2 14 wifi card be upgraded to AC compatible card?

can the flex 2 14 inch wifi card be user upgraded to 802.11AC compatible wifi card, and if so could you tell me the compatible part?  is it dual band?


Thanks in advance, that is the thing holding me from making a purchase before the April 1st deadline of current sale.

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Re: can Flex 2 14 wifi card be upgraded to AC compatible card?

Three years late. Smiley LOL


The answer is "Yes!" The Lenovo Flex 2 14/15 can be upgraded with a compatible wireless-AC card. The card detailed below can be installed successfully in the Flex 2-14 and it's pretty much a plug-n-play device under Windows 10. Drivers are installed automagically so that the 2GHz and 5GHz wireless and Bluetooth can be accessed. I have two Lenovo Flex 2 laptops each running this exact wireless card.


Make sure the wireless card you install matches the details listed below. Or else you'll get an "incompatible wireless module detected" error message when you try to boot the laptop.


Name: Intel Dual-Band Wireless-AC 3160

Model: 3160NGW


TA: H45043-003

FRU: 04X6076

EC: 770009


A genuine "Lenovo branded" Intel Dual-Band Wireless-AC 3160 wireless card can be purchased from:


I've attached a picture of the correct wireless card. Smiley Wink

What's DOS?
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Re: can Flex 2 14 wifi card be upgraded to AC compatible card?


I have tried replacing Qualcomm Atheros card with intel dual band wireless card, the same card as you mentioned in your post for my flex 2-14 i7 lenovo but, it was not detecting wifi. kindly advise step by step how did you go ahead? Do i need to install any drivers or i need to update BIOS. pls. advise.

Thanks in advance.

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