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how to turn off raid

I've gotten myself in a bit of a pickle.  First an IT guy wanted to set up my flex 2-15 to dual boot linux.  That ended up being buggy.  First it would only boot to windows, then when I clicked something about boot problems during shutdown, it switched to only booting to linux.  So since I need linux right now, I decided to do a clean linux install.  That has also failed.  The reason is tied to the RAID array.  The linux boot loader can't handle the software raid.  So having finally figured that out, I'm trying to turn off the raid array (which I didn't know I had, and don't want). 


The basic instruction is clear enough 'press ctrl-I to enter Intel Storage Controller control panel.  But the problem is that the splash screen saying when to do that never comes up.  I don't recall that it ever did -- that's why I didn't know I had that on this system.


The computer used to just boot straight to windows without showing the bios startup at all, and certainly not the intel configuration splash screen.


Right now my computer is trying to boot into linux and failing.  I can get to the bios, but pressing ctrl-I throughout the boot process never seems to get me into the intel storage controller screen.


If I can get the raid turned off, I can re-install, and be good to go (I hope Smiley Happy).  So does anyone know when the intel controller runs, and how to get into it...

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