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ideaPad 500s-14ISK bricked

Hi, I've had an ideaPad 500s-14ISK for about 8 months now.

About a month after I got it, it had a problem where in the middle of working, the screen turned grey, the computer became unresponsive (the backlight was still working) and the only option was to force it to restart.

At first I didn't pay attention to it, as it happened about once in 2 weeks, but recently it got much worse, going unresponsive at least once in an hour, sometimes 2 or 3.

I decided to try and install some driver updates to try and solve it. Display drivers didn't work, so I tried Power Management also (including the one which came out very recently) without success.

2 days ago (my Friday evening) I decided to try a BIOS update, as nothing else more recent worked. I downloaded the update from the "Downloads" section on the Lenovo website, followed the exact instructions on the update and the txt file that came with it. The update started the BIOS flashing process, and guess what? Screen went grey and unresponsive.

I waited for some time to see if something might happen, but nothing. I turned it off, and with that the BIOS went bad. Now it is totally bricked, it does try to accept USB when I turn it on with Fn+R+Power though.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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