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ideapad 510-15ISK BIOS menu bug with hdd passwords and work-around

2017-01-03, 16:36 PM

the BIOS that was shipped with my 510-15ISK (0XCN35WW) has a bug with hdd passwords... here's how to trigger it and how to work around it:


1) set a password from BIOS on the main harddrive

2) power off, remove the DVD unit and install a SSD in that slot

3) power back on, go in BIOS -> Security menu... discover that you can no longer set a password for HDDs or even remove/change existing passwords.


apparently this situation where the laptop has 2 storage devices installed, one with password protection and one without causes a weird situation for the bios menu where it DISABLES all hdd-password related functions.


my guess is that their logic goes something like this:

- if hdd password is already set then disable the "set hdd passwords" menu. /endif

- if hdd password not set then disable the "change master password" and "change user password" menus. /endif


Normally, with a single HDD/SSD device connected, that logic works ok.... but with two storage devices the problem with this logic is that both menus will become disabled if one HDD/SSD has a password defined and the other storage device has no password defined.


my work-around solution for this bug is:

1) power off the system

2) grab a screwdriver and remove temporarily one of the storage devices

3) power on the system again and go in BIOS Security setup - define (or remove) the passwords for the device that you intend to configure. Save settings & reboot, press F2 to enter BIOS Setup again and leave it on the first screen..

4) long-press the power button to shut down the system

5) get that screwdriver again and re-attach that hdd/ssd that you removed at step 2.

6) power on the system again

7) go back into BIOS and find that the HDD-password related menus are available again.


i have upgraded the bios to 0XCN37WW since i last had to mess with the drive settings, but i have not read in the release notes for 0XCN37WW any mention about fixing this so my guess is that the bug is still present in this version.


release notes for v37: https://download.lenovo.com/consumer/mobiles/0xcn37ww.txt


release notes for v35: https://download.lenovo.com/consumer/mobiles/0xcn35ww.txt

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