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ideapad 510-15ISK RunDLL error message

Over the weekend I got a pop up from Avast saying a threat was blocked (pictured below):

threat blocked.jpg

(I checked the virus chest today and there was nothing there. I also ran malwarebytes yesterday and it didn't find anything harmful on my laptop).

I closed out the message but then about 2 days after that Avast message, after the computer initially turned on, this error message popped up:


Can someone please explain to me what this means? 


For the record, my battery gauge has been acting strange lately, it will not get to "fully charged" status when plugged into the AC adapter - it stops when there is about 5%-9% left until it is fully charged. I also just noticed about an hour ago that when it got down to below 40%, it did not seem to be reading the estimated time left and perctentage left consistently as one kept fluctuating while the other stayed pretty constant (for the record, I was not really using the laptop at the time so there was no big change in needed energy output). 


Thanks in advance!

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Re: ideapad 510-15ISK RunDLL error message

The module is part of Lenovo Settings.

Go to the windows store and let it self update.

Current Settings is version 3.169.00

Current Companion is version 3.81.00

Also check programs and features for Lenovo System Interface Foundation version.

Current version is . This module is on your support page.

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