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lenovo ideapad 100-15ib Won’t boot

This laptop has been dead for about a year, 

One day it just powers down and never came back on, I’ve tried removing the battery and AC, holding power then trying battery and/or AC multiple tones. Nothing happens.


also tried a bios reset by pulling the CMOS battery, even left it out for a full 72 hours, nothing happened.


the NOVO button does nothing, and I tried to determine the issue with my multi meter, I did find that there was possibly a problem with 2 capacitors bear the AC input socket but I’m not 100% sure as I don’t own an oscilloscope. 


The only thing i can say is I’m not 100% sure it’s a power failure as when I press the power button the fan spins for like a millisecond and the webcam LED and power LED light up at the same time then turn off, now the interesting thing here is if I have a HDD connected to the internal SATA port, nothing happens, but if I connect it via a USB SATA connector the HDD spins for like half a second. 


It is is out of warranty by like a year and I think I’ve tried everything, is it destined for a garbage? I only had it for just over a year and it was brand new. Well back in 2016 it was haha 



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