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What's DOS?
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lenovo ideapad 110 goes off when I play

when I play it goes off without warning, and it's not even hot 

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Re: lenovo ideapad 110 goes off when I play

When you play what? 3D games, watch video? You've provided so little information I have no ideal what to recommend. Does computer completely shut off, or reboot, can you provide more hardware details? If your PC is shutting down playing games that would cause the CPU or GPU to overheat enough that would for it to shut down. I can tell you the IdealPad 110 is not for gaming, its a basic notebook for web, document creation and low impact video streaming. Not for 3D gaming. But also if its a Celeron CPU its very possible its a passive cooling system which means no fan and if you stress that system enough it is possible to cause it to shut down. If it does have a fan which it would with a core i CPU such as a i3 or i5. Then the fan working would be important to prevent over heating. Especially playing itensive games.

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