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Paper Tape
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says plugged in charging BUT not charging Edge 2-1580 Laptop

Edge 2-1580 Laptop

Machine Type Model 80QF0004US
windows 10

I have the latest version of BIOS, etc.

I downloaded the latest  software versions of everything. 

The battery is internal, I am unable to get at it without unscrewing the casing.

Error is that the battery is not charging, windows message says it is charging.

Lenovo Vantage says battery is in good condition. (see screenshot attached)

and yes, the battery was good for hours. laptop is still rather new-ish

One day, battery was not auto charging. 

I did the trick of pressing the power button when plugged and unplugged.

It did work two times, but now is not anymore.

works otherwise, as long as it is plugged in. It actually takes a few minutes when plugged in before I can turn it on.


Mod's Edit: Image removed for the owner's protection as it showed the serial number of the system. Please edit out the serial number if you wish to re-post the image. Thanks!


Paper Tape
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Re: says plugged in charging BUT not charging Edge 2-1580 Laptop

I believe it is as problem with the BIOS. Check out the link for Details,


On another forum ( everyone's having the same problem. I think someone found a solution, I'm waiting for them to reply to see if it worked before I try it. 

Paper Tape
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Re: says plugged in charging BUT not charging Edge 2-1580 Laptop

I have an edge 2-1580 and it wouldn't charge. I couldn't get it fixed free, I tried for a while. I liked the laptop and it was more expensive than I wished to replace. 


I replaced the battery, same pattern: it wont charge. I reset and re-installed the BIos, Re-installed windows, and replaced the charger.


The problem is the motherboard. I shopped for replacements and found many options. The processor on it is an I5, there is an I7 version that delivers ~10% increast but that's not what I had, it cost ~$75 more and I couldn't find a brand new, only "pulls" meaning it came from a laptop and might have some (how many?)  hours use on it.


I found a new I5 motherboard via ebay and it was ~$100. The part is:

       142097796940 Lenovo Edge 2-1580 80qf0005us Intel I5-6200u Motherboard 5B20K28155


I found the repair manual online, read it multiple times Despite what it says, you do NOT have to remove the screen. You do have to remove the battery, disk, fan, and motherboard. Use much care, if you damage something the entire unit may be a loss.


Other items you will need: multiple size phillips screwdrivers. Do not strip screws. Ensure you put every screw back where you got it. Thermal compound which goes between the fan and the CPU, an anti-static writsband (it's worthwhile and they come in many of the $15 computer tool kits.


As long as you have it open, I'd replace the disk with an SSD. 500GB is what I used. The ram is max at 8GB, so no replacement option there.


I suppose if you aren't comfortable you could try one of the cellphone repair companies at the mall or seek a computer repair company. 


It took me 30 minutes, use care, don't force anything. It works like new now.  One last thing, the unit's do NOT charge if they are >95%. That's a design feature. So if you do all this, and find you've plugged it in and it says "plugged in, not charging" just wait a few minutes and it will be fine.


good luck! -JeffG

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