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Fanfold Paper
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single finger scrolling

I know it's possible on other makes of laptop so why does lenovo disable the single finger scrolling options in the touchpad configuration ? I have seen this on various different models

Essentially its just a customised version of the standard Elantech software, you can easily enable it with Acer machines using Elan touchpads for example or Hp  ones with a synaptics touchpad and even on Dell ones using a slight workaround so how come lenovo have the options removed ?

I personally don't mind so much but my parents being older struggle to use 2 fingers, having the option to enable it for them would have been a big benefit. As it stands they may well be returning their laptop for an Hp one

It just seems like a pointless customisation of a perfectly good driver, I could possibly understand it for windows 8.1 with the charms and edge swipe etc but all that has gone with windows 10 anyway so why not have a different version of the driver for use with windows 8.1 and let windows 7 or 10 users be able to use their touchpad in the way they prefer


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