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Blue Screen Again
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upgrade from Hd to Fhd ideapad 310 15isk

hello. i just want to upgrade my HD display to FHD  and i understand i must have a eDP cable 2 lane to work ... can somebody tell me if my cable is 1 lane or 2 lane (see picture) tnx

Paper Tape
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Re: upgrade from Hd to Fhd ideapad 310 15isk

hello friend


I have done this with my 310 15ikb, and a few other laptops. 


It is a very simple task, and you don't need to worry about the cable at all.


All you need is to buy a laptop screen that is:

1. FHD

2. 15.6"

3. has fix points on lower and upper edges

4. has 30pin eDP interface

5. is IPS or VA or PLS (why bother buying a FHD TN panel with horrible viewing angles?)

6. has connector on lower right side of the panel


Basically, you have 2 very good options right now, depending on whether you care about color accuracy or not.

If you don't really care about colour accuracy (and believe me 90% of laptop screens are NOT accurate) - and you would only care about it if you are working with photos a lot, like me, then here's an ebay listing that will yield what you need:


That's what I bought for my last laptop, and it's a great Full HD screen.


Now if you do care about colour accuracy (work with photos a lot), here's what you should buy:


It is a bit more expensive, and they charge a lot for delivery, but in the end you will have a 72% NTSC coverage panel, which is suitable for accurate color reproduction on a portable machine, AND is compatible with this laptop, too.


In future, keep in mind that majority of mainstream laptops use the same screen standard, so you will most likely be able to put this screen into the next laptop you buy, as long as you stick with the mainstream model.

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