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LifeLine Applications

Below you can find the link to the LifeLine apps site. This website contains downloadable applications and features for your NAS device such as rescource monitoring, video surveillance, Atmos Cloud, MySQL Server and more.


Feel free to check them out:  http://www.lifelineapps.com/


Steps to install the applications on your NAS:

  1. Download the application to your computer. 
  2. Access the web interface of your NAS and navigate to the "Application Manager" under the "System" or "All Features" page.
  3. Select "Add Application" at the top of the page.
  4. Enter the path and name of the application file, or click Browse, and select the application file located on your computer.
  5. Then click Upload to install the application.

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stipule On 2013-12-30, 10:17 AM
Hello, I'm wondering if mysql server from for ix4 will also work with ix2 model?.. I know that those are two different machines, but as they use the same firmware, why shouldnt they be compatible?.. Or maybe you could make such application to all other models, I'm sure that many of users could appreciate that gesture, there is a lot of us looking for mysql/php server sollution on their NAS.
Andrew_Lenovo On 2014-01-31, 22:10 PM

Hi stipule,


Unfortuantely, MySQL Server application is not compatible with the ix2. I am not aware of any plans to bring the feature to other devices at this time.

rhale99 On 2014-10-16, 18:44 PM

<p>I am attempting to download the Resmon package for a px4-300d device and the download link is broken.  Could someone from Lenovo support someone fix the link?


Not Found

The requested URL /software/lifelineappupdate/x86_64-px /lenovoemc_resmon_1.4.29632_x86_64-px.tgz was not found on this server.



RayStout On 2015-01-16, 0:03 AM


Where can I find older firmware versions for the px4-300d?

I am currently at

We have had this NAS for abit over a year. Many new fixes and features exist in alter code releases.

The latest F/W is but I apparently cannot upgrade directly to the latest release from my current version. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

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