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Changed ISPs, old one used routers that assigned IP range of 192.168.x.x, the new ISP Comcast uses IP range of 10.1.10.x.  So I can not see my device, I do not want to loose data so need a little nudge in the right direction.


I understand if I do a Reset on the ix2 it will look for the new network IP, configure the NAS  and it will not delete my data from the drive?


The above is correct. You can find your device here:

And download the User Manual for it.

Search the users manual for the word "reset", and you will find the correct network and security reset procedure for your device.

In general, there are three possible lengths of time to hold the reset button for: 4, 15, or 30 seconds.

Do not hold the reset button past 30 seconds though. If held for too long the NAS will try to boot from USB. This could cause problems if there is not a properly prepared USB device connected.

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can not see my device, I do not want to loose data,power led light alway in red,please help... iomegaez3tb,