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Lenovo Staff
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With my IomegaEZ-8, I followed the helpfiles to:




...and enabled FTP, but there are no further instructions on configuring the drive to receive FTP uploads.


Are there some available guidelines?


My immediate intention is to see if I can set up the FTP upload functions to work with some IP surveillance cameras within my network.

I believe it is possible to do this, but I'm not sure if the FTP address for this drive needs to be set up in a particular way in the FTP configuration menu of  these network cams, say "" or something of that sort.  I assume a drive directory can be configured from the client FTP upload program, or manually on the drive itself.


Check that  you are trying to  connect using ftp://<IP address of nas> 


Depending on your client or browser, you could use either of the following as well:








Otherwise, just insert a bare IP address will do.

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