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Paper Tape
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How to "connect" my ix2-ng with a new Samsung TV



I searched the internet and the forums here and saw some posts on this subject but they did not help me much.


I have been using a couple of ix2 devices for many years now:

  - one as my main media storage (ix2-ng) and,

  - the other one as a backup of the first one (ix2-200).


I have just bought a new Samsung TV (Dec 2019) and would like to be able to play the media from the ix2-ng device on that TV. 


What are my options?  What do I need to do?


Posts in the internet appear to suggest that Samsung TVs do not run SMB and will not be able to see the network drive/shares.  Other internet post seem to suggest that enabling the media server in the ix2 box should help fix the problem.  I did do this and started to see the ix2 box in the sources section of the TV.  However, that ix2 source shows up and diappears in a very unpredictable way; most of the time it is not there.  When it does show up, an attempt to select it ends with "no media found message" most of the time.  At the rare occasions that I saw some media files, the folders were incomplete or missing and most of the files would not play.


On the other hand there are internet posts suggesting that it should be possible to make the TV see/access the media files on the ix2 box, e.g.,


Can someone please explain what to try?

Thank you!

Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff
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Re: How to "connect" my ix2-ng with a new Samsung TV

Unfortunately, I can't give much advice on this hopefully someone from the community may have tried this but I've never heard of anyone attempting to connect the ix2-ng to the Samsung TVs and this was not tested by Lenovo. 

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