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Iomega Home NAS 2tb - files "gone"?

I have an Iomega Home NAS (2tb) which has been running fine for several years.


Recently all of my files "disappeared"


I removed the drive, placed it in my PC and cloned it to a new,unused 2TB hdd using Linux and Clonezilla.


Both drives match and show that the storage partition (xfs format) is unused and around 1.9gb is available.

The OS partition is fine.


With the original drive back in the NAS I can access all of my folders using Gigolo from LinuxMint 17.3, so that indicates that the partition is fine.


I believe that my files are still there, but are just not seen by the OS.


GParted shows:-


/dev/sda3   unknown  25.53 gb

/dev/sda1   ext3   3.92 gb  raid                            this is the OS partition

/dev/sda2   xfs   1.82TB  (961.69 used)  raid      this is the data partition  (previous to problem  1.73TB used)

/dev/sda4       unallocated 2.49 Mib


GParted shows


ata st2000 DM006-2DMI



part table MSDOS

heads 255

sectors/track 63

cylinders 243201

total sectors 3907029168

sector size 512


file system is damaged

fs unknown to gparted

no file system available 


dloaded and ran testdisk


sudo xfs_repair /dev/sdb2 ( on dup HDD)

Sorry, could not find valid secondary superblock


I can, with a lot of work, recreate my NAS from data scattered over several HDDs, external USB HDDs, DVDs etc but 'd like to be able to solve and fix this problem and "resurrect" the NAS


Help appreciated




What's DOS?
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Re: Iomega Home NAS 2tb - files "gone"?

Did you ever get this resolved? - ive got a similar issue with mine - lost all of my photos that hadnt been backed up elsewhere - i know my own fault, but you dont expect a share to suddenly be empty - and ive also had it happen to a couple of other shares. im not linuxy based so havent cheked to see if the areas are still there, but have done a drastic file recovery. any advice would be greatfully received



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