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Blue Screen Again
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SMB 3.0 support

With SMB3.0 now in the latest version of Samba, i was wondering when SMB3.0 would be available in the ix series. competitors like Synology and QNAP already have this support built-in... (for some time)..


It would resolve my issues (hopfully) with slow copying of files back and forth.. (even moved to Raid 10 to make it faster)

Retired Support Specialist
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Re: SMB 3.0 support

Hello RZomerman,

Our current firmware does indeed support SMB 3.0.

You can download current firmware from here:
Blue Screen Again
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Re: SMB 3.0 support

Thanks!.. Indeed I see that Dialect 3.0 is being used using the latest firmware

(Windows 10 - Get-SMBConnection --> Dialect 3.0)


and the performance has improved too!.. copying a 100GB file from the NAS now goes with aprox 110MB/s (utilizing up to 980Mb/s on my 1GB NIC, this used to be max 400Mb/s with the previous firmware (2015 version) )



Windows 10 1Gbs NIC

Netgear 8 port switch (team configured for NAS)

ix4-300d Teamed NIC's

Raid 10 on 4x 2TB

What's DOS?
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Re: SMB 3.0 support



the link to the firmware doesn't work any more. Is this firmware for the iomega ix4-200d? I try to figure out how to switch it to SMB 3.0 too.
Thanks for your feedback.

What's DOS?
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Re: SMB 3.0 support

This link does not there another location where I could find this file?

Fanfold Paper
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Re: SMB 3.0 support

what happened to the site, is down now 

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