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Storcenter 200rl recovery options after RAID 5 crash

Hello everybody,


recently our quite old NAS Iomega Storcenter 200rl with a RAID 5 out of 4x500GB, reported a harddisk failure and our administration replaced one of the disks that was marked.


Then the Storecenter told that it was synchronizing the data. After synchronization the NAS told that 100% of storage capacity is free and so it tell until now.


First let me tell you that we already replaced the old Storcenter 200rl by a new NAS and all the data taht was stored on the old storcenter only were non critical data as the storcenter only worked as a kind of a "transfer" volume that will not be backuped.


But of course I am interessted in options to revocer the data. let's say it is a competition just for myself and I want to dive into the subject matter to get some experience out of it.


So firts step I already did was to download the tool UFS Explorer RAID Recovery and I already connected on single disk out of the RAID 5 to my PC via a USB2.0 docking station. The tool told me that I have a disk out of a RAID 1 build up from 4 disks. That was strange. Furthermore I could browse several data on the disk, e.g. the configuration folders (/etc) containing the samba configuration and so on. All those files could be read without a problem and also copied to my local hard disk on PC.


I browsed all folders on the disk, that were provided by the tool UFS Explorer RAID Recovery, but unfortunately I could not find any real storage data.


So next thought was:

If the NAS really was configured as a RAID 5 I should not be able to access and read the data stored on the disks. So perhaps the Storcenter 200rl splits up the disk into 2 sections. One section as a RAID 1, with 4 disks that is about 8 GB and stores the operating system and all of the configuration and another section that is a RAID 5 containing all of the rest, where the data is stored and that I will not be able to access this simple way. Is this correct? Please correct me, if I am wrong.


Okay, that is my story and what I did until now. The NAS now lies sowhere beside and is plugged off until I will have a solution to try.

So can anyone of you tell me how I can setup e.g. a RAID 5 on another PC / host with the disks out of the Storcenter and try to access the data? Or is there any possibility to use special recovery tools? I know such recovery tools for SD cards or USB drives but I do not know whether they are capable to handle a RAID 5?!


Please tell me your opinion and perhaps somebody will have a safe bet for me.


Thanks a lot!


Kind Regards




P.S. I hope I did not miss any neccessary information, but if I did, please do not hesitate to ask;


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Re: Storcenter 200rl recovery options after RAID 5 crash

Hello mb0156ba


You are correct that there are two seperate storage pools on the disks.  The primary pool would be for the linux operating system and configurations.  The second would be the main storage pool that would be used for Share volumes, etc.  


If you had a RAID 5, you would need at least 3 of the 4 original disks installed in a linux computer to try manually starting the RAID 5, then mount the volumes.  


UFS Explorer should be able to access the RAID 5, but again would require at least 3 of the 4 original disks to start the RAID 5 array. 


You were able to see the Primary OS storage pool because it was a RAID 1 Mirror, which would allow each disk to mount seperately. 


Good luck!

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