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data recovery from ix2 configured Raid 0

It has recenlty been brought to my attention by technical support at Lenovo that I have a failing hard disk after providing them a dump file as directed.


Since, the problem has persisted and no longer allows me to connect using the Storage Manager. I can no log in. I can not use a internet browser to log into the web utility (I just tested and for whatever reason am able to log into using web, but still need access to transfer files that can not be downloaded by using). I am able to connect to it via usb/sata cable but don't know what to use to read the ext4 partition. I have used some freeware but it just crashes (I have used ExtFsd-0.69 but it crashes when I try to mount the failed drive in a Windows XP SP3 environment).


From what I understand, the failed drive is formated as an ext4 partition. What isn't mentioned and what I question is, does this drive have any encryption or is it just formated as an ext4 and the files just randomly placed on the drives (there were 2 x 3TB = 6TB which one was determined by technical support as failing causing problems). I already know that I will need to transfer files from both drives.


So, what I would like to know is what software do I need to read (I also have a Windows 10 machine) the hard drive (it still works cause when I connect it with a USB sata cable it whirrs and sounds like it is alive) and transfer my files?


The paid software recommendations that Lenovo sent me do not list on their site that they read ext4 partitions and I would like to hear from anyone who has had successful experience of transfering files with drives in a ix2-dl with a raid 0 configuration?

What's DOS?
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Re: data recovery from ix2 configured Raid 0

Did you find any solution to recover your data?
I have the same problem now

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