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How to do System Recovery on Lenovo z580


I own a Z580 and I'm attempting to do a factory rest on it. However I'm not particuclary how to. Is it easy to perform one or will I have o send it into the service centre for this?


 You will need to follow the steps below.


1. Backup all your data in C: drive.


2. Shut down the computer.


3. Remove any external media except the charger.


4. After removing, Press the small button with a 'up to down' near the power button.


5. The normal BIOS screen would occur and then the "windows is loading files" would show. Wait till it boots.


6. After booting, click the 2nd option which says "Onekey Recovery"


7. Then tick initial backup and click next. Two prompts would occur. Answer accordingly.


8. Now recovery would start


By now your machine should be back to the factory defaults.

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yigit On 2012-12-23, 8:57 AM
Shardul_parmar On 2017-01-09, 11:47 AM

1.I bought Lenovo 500gb preinstalld win7 home with OEM part with one key recovery button .

2. Then I did the partition of  c drv 500 gb to d and e. Now when I had c: d: nd e: drive. Then I created a recovery image CDs of window 7 home on c: drv .

3.After that I created f: drv by shrinking e: drv.

4.Then I installed win 7 ultimate on f: drv.

5.Finally I have dual boot with win 7 home on c: drv nd win 7 ultimate on f drv.

6.I m having win update error in preinstalld win 7 home so.

Now my question is that I wanna create image of win ultimate and then format f:. 

Then I wanna use recovery for my win 7 home using recovery mage disk on c:.drv while creating the same partition c: d: e: nd f: so that I could then do the dual boot again using image of window ultimate on drv f: .

I mean to prepare my system for level 4 again.

Now can somebody clear my doubt that after using recovery cd image for c: drv for win 7 home , how can I make my system to the state of dual boot using the second image of win 7 ultimate.



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