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IdeaPad Y460p/Y560p audio stutters issue


Your IdeaPad Y460p/Y560p starts to have a problem with audio whereby it stutters almost every interval of one minute. It seems to happen whenever a battery is attached.


How to troubleshoot this issue and get it resovled?



1  Download DPC Latency Checker:   http://www.thesycon.de/deu/latency_check.shtml

2  Connect the laptop to AC power with battery pack inserted (connected), start up,

     then run DPC Latency Checker as sole application in full screen, you should see

     one red 18 milliseconds long latency spike precisely once every 65 seconds,

     see Pic 1.


     In addition, play a low level audio recording and you will hear a one split-second

     short (18 ms) synchronous audio drop out every 65 seconds as well.


    Pic 1



3  Now, remove/disconnect the battery pack. Use only AC power. Repeat step 2.

     You should see no more full scale red DPC spikes as seen in Pic 2 as well as hear no

     more split-second audio drop out.


    Pic 2



NOTEoccasional Latency peaks of up to about 6 ms are irrelevant and have no implications.



BIOS version 22 (3FCN22WW.exe) and newer version for IdeaPad Y460p/Y560p should solve this issue.



Please keep in mind that flashing the BIOS is a risky operation, therefore you are strongly recommended to follow these instructions properly.


  1. Download BIOS file 3FCN22WW.exe by saving iton desktop
  2. Fully charge the battery. Keep AC Adapter plugged in
  3. Switch off WiFi and Bluetooth
  4. Close all  applications
  5. Disable any anti-virus softwares and Firewall
  6. Disable Windows or Lenovo Energy Managment (power managment) Sleep and Hibernate settings
  7. Shut down IdeaPad Y460p/Y560p
  8. Remove all external devices such as USB Mouse, Keyboard, ext. Monitor etc.
  9. Retart IdeaPad Y460p/Y560p
  10. Make sure all applications are closed and  all anti-virus software are disabled entirely
  11. Leave the laptop idle for approximately 30 minutes
  12. Start the BIOS installer by double-click on the BIOS file saved on desktop
  13. Follow instructions to flash the BIOS properly
  14. Restart one more time and check if settings of new BIOS are the same as the old BIOS.

Please NOTE: If your machine is unstable such as occasional freeze etc. do not try to flash the BIOS or your machine may be ruined for good if something goes wrong while flashing the BIOS.


If you are not seeing quite the same results as mentioned in the diagnosis section, you may have a different

problem and flash the BIOS is not the solution.

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cefre00 On 2019-09-09, 11:22 AM



This seems to be a solution for my issue.

I have the same DPC latency issue checked with LatencyMons. LatencyMons says there is something going on with my WLAN driver, which might be true, as when I disable my WLAN adapter LatencyMon does not detect a DPC issue. It mentions CPU throttling but it might be caused by the WLAN bug too.


The symptom is that the sound stutters periodically, like every 20 seconds when I listent to online content (Youtube, Spotify, etc) or play a game (like WoT). I could not test if disabling the WLAN is the "solution", as offline I cannot test Youtube e.g.


Important detail is that this issue appeared since I moved to Windows 10 1903...


Can you please advice if a BIOS refresh might be a solution, or better not touch it yet?


I tried several WLAN drivers from Realtek and from Lenovo and reinstalled the sound driver too. Yesterday, after uninstalling the WLAN driver fro mthe Device Manager and reinstalling it again I could not reproduce the problem with active WLAN. Youtube sound was flawless. Then I started my torrent client and Discord and the sound issue returned immediately. Since then I still have the issue even if no torrent is running or Discord is not active.


I don't think it's a device issue, as I had no problem with my laptop before moving to Windows 10 1903.


Your help is much appreciated. This continuous sound lag and stuttering is really annoying...


Thank you!


Ps: I have a Yoga 530-14ARR Laptop (ideapad) - Type 81H9

cefre00 On 2019-11-04, 22:22 PM

The solution actually was that Discord caused the issue, so I resintalled it and the stuttering disappeared. :)

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