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Ideapad - How to Disable Auto Adjust Screen Brightness - ambient light sensor Windows 7


I recently purchased a Y560, and I love it.  However, the computer seems to change the screen brightness automatically.  I am running on Energy Star mode at the basic settings, but it still auto dims and brightens the screen.  


I have my "dim screen after" setting set to 10 minutes, but that only dims the screen after being afk correct?  Please tell me how to make screen brightness constant and only change if i remove the battery or go on AC power?




This is a feature of the autobrightness function.  The following narrative applies to Windows 7 functionality - the energy management software differs in the Windows 8 environment.  For Windows 8 setting information, please visit this related article.


IdeaPad screen auto brightness adjustment for Windows 7


Open the lenovo energy management (via the battery touch sensitive button) then click on the gear icon between "i" and "?" and click on smart control tab and uncheck ALS (Ambient Light Sensor)


The settings for brightness settings for battery and A/C plugged in can be changed here (Lenovo Energy Management) for each power scheme (click on the power scheme then click on the gear on the right) and you can change the settings in there.


If you are having trouble finding the setting, try the following...


Intel settings --> basic user --> click on the power management tab --> change "Plugged In" to "On Battery"


The option for "automatic screen brightness" should now be available - uncheck it.

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frodo16342 On 2013-12-04, 18:24 PM

Thank You. This was a sore point with me. I almost took the Flex 15 back because it was too dim. I liked it otherwise so far. Looks Great now.

aj868 On 2017-02-09, 16:38 PM



I am having a lenovo z50 laptop. Nowdays my brightness automatically adjusts. If I turn to higher brightness automatically reduces to the lowest brightness.

Is this a virus. I tried everything, scanned with antivirus but no use & no change.Please help me to solve this issue

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