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Ideapad Z400, Z500, Z510 battery will not charge - plugged in not charging


The IdeaPad Z400, Z500, Z510, P400, and P500 systems contain a function which can electrically disconnect the battery. If the battery is in this state, when AC power is attached the system will operate but the battery will indicate "plugged in not charging" and will neither charge, nor power the system.  If AC connection is unplugged, the system will power off.


Lenovo updated the firmware of newer batteries to change how this feature functions. Customers with existing systems who experience these symptoms should update the firmware on their battery. 


Here is the link to download the firmware update from the Lenovo support site for Z400, Z500, P400 and P500 systems. 


Here is the link to download the firmware update directly from the Lenovo Forums for Z510 systems. 


After you download and start the update, please ensure AC is connected to the system and proceed with the instructions as follows:



Z500 battery firmware 1.png


Click Next... the installer will check your current battery firmware level...



Z500 battery firmware 2.png


Click Next again... and check the box to apply the firmware to the primary battery...



Z500 battery firmware 4.png


Press Next again...


AC should be connected so you may ignore any advisory messages (if presented)  that the battery needs to be at 80%. ( It is possible that your battery may be below 80% and you need this firmware update to resolve the no charge symptoms - just proceed by clicking next)




Press next...


Z500 battery firmware 6.png


Ensure AC is connected and click next...



Z500 battery firmware 7.png


The progress meter will display and update as the process completes...

Do not interrupt this process - Do not power off the system until complete.



Z500 battery firmware 8.png


Once the process is completed, click Finish.



Z500 battery firmware 9.png


Now, click this option to shutdown and then restart so that the firmware update will take effect.

If this update was applied proactively, there should be no noticable change in system operation.  If this was applied in cases where the battery was in a state where it would neither charge nor discharge, after the update and reboot, normal charging operation should be restored.


Please Note: There are other possible causes for plugged in / not charging conditions including settings in Lenovo power manager.  Please see this related article on that topic




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Shubhamr14 On 2016-09-02, 20:21 PM
I am unable to upgrade the battery firmware , it's shows attached battery doesn't require firmware update . Please help
swagat On 2016-09-22, 5:34 AM

same here please help!!!


arashsdg On 2016-10-04, 11:45 AM
I cannot upgrade the battery firmware , it's shows attached battery doesn't require firmware update .
Now, the message is ""There are no attached batteries that require a firmware update" I am devestated. please help!!
Andy_Lenovo On 2017-02-04, 19:28 PM
tarekrahal On 2017-06-03, 16:37 PM

I have the same problem 
any help please:smileysad:

tarekrahal On 2017-06-03, 16:43 PM


I am trying to install this update but I get this message:

                  there are no attached batteries that require a frimware update.


current battery code is :  0005-0051-0100-0008

 please help me.


Andy_Lenovo On 2017-06-08, 12:25 PM
nj2 On 2017-07-09, 6:39 AM

Dear Lenovo,


After perusing the recent comments by multiple users on this post from across the world - it appears that the firmware that you had issued last year - has somehow got overwritten / superceded by some more recent/latest updates - sometime in either late 2016  or early 2017.


I am writing from India and facing the same probem that the battery is showing 100% and then going off almost immediately. This probem had fortunately got solved last year when you had issued a firmware update - but now when i am trying to use the same files again - it basically conveys that "no battery available to update" because that particular firmware is already applied on our laptop.


Hence, can you please release newer firmware update for this same issue -  using a z510 system having current till-date updates for different OS - win 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 - same way as you have released for thinkpad series of laptops too.


Come to think of it - that if a fully working battery is being "prompted" as weak and "need to buy" - but actually is a fully functioning hardware - isnt it a bit of a letdown for your users??? - what to say of  some who might have already bought and replaced with newer replacement batteries - which is actually a completely avoidable cost? I am sure you need to resolve this issue soon so as to restore some confidence that you are not only a big brand but also a responsive brand - who is reading and resolving its forum posts!!!


thanks in advance.

Majestic On 2018-08-30, 17:37 PM

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