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P500 : Screen goes very dim and not able to adjust brightness level


I've had my IdeaPad Notebook P500 for over a year, and rarely had an issue with it.  Today, I accidently touched the F11 key, which happens to be the "Brightness minus" key. Immediately, the screen went very dim, to the point where it actually hurts my eyes to be typing this. 


I can adjust the brightness sliders up and down on the screen, using both the F11/F12 keys and the slider box available from the "Brightness" selection under "Settings".  Even though the sliders go up and down, the screen stays the same very dark level.


I have uninstalled and re-installed the Intel HD driver.I have shut down the laptop and turned it back on while holding the F12 (Brightness plus) button. I have even rebooted several times.


Is there a way I can get this rectified ? 


Currently, there is a step shared by a community user - changing registry.


1- Install latest driver of "Intel Hd Graphic 4000" (WIN 7) : "Intel HD Graphics 4000" (WIN 8)

2- install latest driver of your graphic card

3- This step will fix the problem:

- go to registery by regedit and change the value to 0xf048






NB : The steps above was preparedby oneofour customers and it has worked for them. Please be advised that Lenovo does not take any responsibility with the alteration of the registry key being done to your machine. By altering the registry key by following the steps above is strictly at your own RISK. 

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Tashi On 2013-12-01, 16:53 PM

There is a solution WITHOUT modifying Regedit.


The same problem with an IdeaPad Z400 was posted and answered by a support specialist here:



I followed those instructions on my IdeaPad P500 after my display went dim after I touched the f11 key once (without holding the Fn key down).  I had updated from windows 8 to 8.1 a couple of weeks ago.  Not sure if that was the issue.

TJF On 2014-02-12, 20:16 PM

I used the link above - http://forums.lenovo.com/t5/IdeaPad-Y-U-V-Z-and-P-series/Can-t-adjust-brightness-in-Windows-8-1-for-IdeaPad-Z400/m-p/1292309/highlight/false#M104169 - and changed the drivers as described, fixed the issue on my P500 touch. 


This loss brightness occurred the same as described above F11 key after the Win8.1 upgrade.


I don't know why Lenovo hasn't listed these for driver updates, seems to be a common problem with Win8.1

shravan2007 On 2014-03-27, 13:50 PM



Shiva Kumar, the 2 step download & choosing the older version for the video card has help. The resolution is effected but the brightness is back up.


Thanks a ton Shiva.


Lenovo, it would be great to get the fix to the customers.

shravan2007 On 2014-03-27, 13:52 PM

I have P500, the dimming problem is fixed, thanks to Shiva Kumars post.

ddelatorre14 On 2014-05-27, 15:16 PM

Go to Control Panel>Display>Adjust Resolution>Click advanced settings>click properties>click driver tab... After you click update driver, it will ask you "how you want to search for driver software;" click "browse my computer for software" then next window choose "let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer;" you'll see compatible drivers, look for "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter" click next>


-I did it and its back to normal brightness! :smileywink:

barranquilla11 On 2014-08-14, 17:04 PM

It worksssss!!! just shut the computer down and while you turn it on again, keep pressed the F12 key...and that's it..it get fixed right away....excelent!!!!

jeffaehlenovo On 2015-02-14, 15:55 PM

same exact issue, just over year later, and after an 8.1 Windows update.

Will try solutions suggested above and report.

Mahesh123 On 2015-04-01, 18:56 PM

Refer the below link for the brightness issue,




It solved the brightness issue after installing the Intel Video Driver. 


- Mahesh

deemas On 2015-04-17, 8:45 AM

This screen dimness only happened yesterday. But I fixed it by doing what someone wrote here: to hold the f12 key while booting up. I just restarted the computer with f12 held down and lo and behold the screen brightness came back! Thanks!

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