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Safer way to flash BIOS?


What is the safest way to flash the BIOS? Is Safe Mode better?


The safer way to upgrade a BIOS is doing the upgrade under DOS enviroment. That is because the nature of the operative system itself (it doesn't has any protection).


If you want to flash bios under Windows:

  • restart your computer (do not put  your computer to sleep after restart)
  • disable any antimalware software
  • close all opened windows


  • plug in AC Adapter as power supply during the update process
  • do not to turn off the computer during the process
  • read the informations and readme.txt file that is available with every BIOS download before flashing bios.


When the update finishes, the computer will automatically reboot for the changes to take effect.


Note: You can also try to flash under Safe Mode, but it is not recommended because Windows disables all services. You don't know if the BIOS update package needs any one of them.



Example: Some, like the S10-3 BIOS say that you need to right click and run as an administrator.  If you don't, some actually seem to contain and unpack multiple files and if you apply the wrong one, you can hang your system.  


Sometimes the details really matter.

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srhanssler On 2011-01-23, 5:20 AM

I find this post interesting...  my simply question is..  why is it "so" tricky to update the system BIOS on Lenovo systems?  I have over 20 years experience with PC's...  and after reviewing over 160 posts to the Lenovo community regarding the Lenovo brand computers and what seems to be BIOS update problems which require replacement of the motherboard..   I do not see the Root Cause of this issue identified anywhere.  this post suggests "user error", however another valid perspective is faulty / flawed engineering.    I will/must also disclose that I have fallen victim to the suddenly "corrupt BIOS" problem recently.. and the experience has left a very very bad..  and long lasting impression on me..  such that I never purchase a Lenovo PC again..  and stopped recommending them to my friends and family..   It's unfortunate I know..  however...  if we were to view the PC industry as we do motor vehicles, I am confident there would be a very large number of Computer recalls taking place...   Have a nice day..  and thanks for attempting to defend the company you work for...   

dhonzik On 2016-04-24, 15:26 PM

Had no issues upgrading the BIOS with the VIPRE antivirus running in windows in any of the laptops I own. Just dont interrupt the process and you will be fine

subset On 2016-08-24, 17:12 PM

Even if I know my antivirus won't interrupt the flash process, I still turn it off. There are a lot of antivirus programs that fail to differentiate between good and bad apps, and one false flag during a BIOS flash could be disaster.

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