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Veriface no longer works after clean installation of Y410p


I have a Lenovo Y410p. I wiped the hard drive and lost Lenovo Veriface. I did a clean install of Windows 8.1 and redownloaded Lenovo Veriface. Unfortuantely Veriface no longer works. It doesn't install and when I try to run it it says that it can only run on Lenovo hardware. Can you please help?


As we are not sure which resource that you downloaded the Lenovo Verfiface software, we recommend you to double check if you have the right copy


The link below is for Lenovo Veriface for your reference:



A customer said it eventually works after using the Lenovo Verficace software as per the link provided above.

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topmahof On 2014-11-10, 2:47 AM
hansbacara On 2015-03-12, 17:05 PM

i have Lenovo 3000  Y410,first i used windows vista-32bit, but when i changed to windows 7-64 bit, most device driver is not working properly anymore, also very face and etc.can anyone sent me the link those device driver?:smileysad:.thanks for your attention

jhaskins20018 On 2015-08-03, 1:52 AM

After pulling all my hair out of my head, i open the link above which was great, if you can understand Chinese but luck be good and I hit the right install button only to have a message saying " This software is not supported in the new Windows 10 and to contact the apps developer for assistance......This is a major disruption as I know that certain upgrades can deny installations and softwares to run and even alter registry values but for a Operating System to completely deny a software dedicated straight for Lenovo to operate is very troubling especially with Microsoft wanting to promote their HELLO version of face log in recognition software that to this date, can't even be installed or made to operate in the envioronment presently.


I am not sure that if you directly install it from it's media that it would work. It shows in my windows old folder with the driver and the install exe being visible when when you try and install it..Nothing but a disrespectful message telling you that veriface can only be installed on a lenovo computer, which I had to just laugh at, cause that's what I have.

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