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WiFi won't work after clean Windows 7 install - IdeaPad Z570


I bought an IdeaPad Z570 i5 with free DOS. I installed Windows 7 home premium 64bit with SP1 and the rest of the drivers from the attached DVD.

All except the Wireless device installed correctly.

I installed "Intel wifi Link 1000 BGN".  However, the device status error is "This device cannot start. (Code10)".

How do I go about fixing the issue?


To resolve the issue, please try the following steps:


1. Ensure that the BIOS configuration for SATA controller is set to AHCI mode (not compatabilty mode)

2. Install your Windows

3. Download and install the BIOS update from the Lenovo Support site

4. Download and install the latest wireless driver from the Lenovo Support site (not from the DVD)

5. Ensure the master wifi switch is ON prior to installing the drivers.  

6. Download and install the Lenovo power manager and hotkey drivers - these are integral to allowing the FN+F5 hotkey to enable the wifi card.


Tip: Lenovo Support site to download drivers can be accesed at http://support.lenovo.com 

(Drivers may also be found at consumersupport.lenovo.com

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DanoUK On 2018-10-01, 9:59 AM

Lenovo please can you make it clear that the Z570 laptop has either a Broadcom wireless adapter or an Intel adapter? The driver download page offers both without any instructions on how to determine which adapter is present. I have spent my hours trying to get the Intel wireless card working (because the software creates a notification in the tray saying ''driver not installed")


In the end I got this working by uninstalling the Intel drivers. There are many support articles with incomplete guidance on the subject of Z570 wireless.


Thanks -- Dan

chuckpen On 2018-10-06, 18:06 PM



I have a similar situation.  A refresh of a Z570 is coming in to my shop.  The WIFI driver(s) seem to be a real sticking point.  


Were you able to get the WIFI card installed and running?

Did you try Windows 10 w/ a newer WIFI card like the Lenovo branded Intel 6250 mini wifi?


I would like to install win10 and the best wifi card I can find that is supported by Win10.  Any thoughts or guidance?

DanoUK On 2018-10-08, 20:01 PM

Hello, yes I got the Broadcom driver to work in Windows 7 64 bit. I upgraded to Windows 10 but later downgraded due to a performance hit. My Z570 is an core i3 with 6gb RAM so I was expecting Windows 10 to fly, but sadly not.


I also found to my horror that installing Windows 10 removed the ability to rollback to Windows 7 (All forms of factory reset longer functioned). I had to wipe the hard disk and manually install windows 7 from scratch. This is how I encountered the fact that driver installation for wifi is poorly documented on Lenovo customer support.


Now that I am running a clean installation of Windows 7, good performace has returned so this is the happy ending for my story!

--  Dan

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