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Y460 Volume and other "hotkeys" not working


My volume buttons aren't working for some reason.  I had uninstalled the Theatre and Slider applications, but reinstalled them to see if that would solve the problem.  Nope, they still don't work.  Can anybody tell me what driver runs these things or what systems settings may have turned them off.  The slider does work, btw, but the theatre button doesn't seem to work either even though the Insta-theatre application has been reinstalled.


The Fn keyboarrd volume keys work fine and the volume keys do light up when I touch them, but there is no impact on the keys.




I discovered that somehow the Synaptics ap had been uninstalled.  The touchpad still worked, but no Synaptics icon in the Sys tray.  I reinstalled the Synaptics applications, and now the buttons work again.


Some additional notes on required drivers / modules to support specific functions:


"mutesync" (changing volume and mutting is slower with out it)


"OneKey theatre" (for the film icon touch sensitive buttons)


"SlideNav" for the slide navigation in the centre


synaptics drivers


"Energy Management"



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WerdnaDlog On 2015-03-23, 8:24 AM

I have a similar problem, except my laptop is a z570 three years old.  Hotkeys and Volume controls dim and not functional.  Also Energy Management now seems to think my battery (the original one) is "not official".

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