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Y470/Y570 cannot play audio/video properly in Windows Media Player


 Users may face problem with Windows Media Player as described below:

  • The audio / video that is playing automatically pauses and users have to press play again to resume playing.
  • Sometimes, while listening to a playlist, the song gets skipped automatically and the next song starts.
  • While playing a song it may pause automatically by itself, and resume again after a few mins


The issue doesn't happen to Spider Media Player as well as VLC Player though. 

Downloading new audio driver from support site does not help either.


If you have  Lenovo RIC in your system tray, you may want to turn off the feature at the moment while waiting for software team to fix this.


Open up Lenovo R.I.C from your system tray (at the bottom right of your screen)

Go to the "assistant" menu, and turn it off by uncheck the boxes for Next Track, Play/Pause,etc.


Note: You may want to disable this "feature" in your start up menu to avoid it runs whenever turn on the system. 



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twotowels On 2017-07-30, 14:26 PM

Is there a fix for videos only playing for a few seconds on BBC Media Player?

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