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Y50-70 doesn't use Nvidia GeForce on external monitor


I bought my Y50-70 without a pre-installed OS and I struggled with the drivers but have not been able to get my notebook make use of the built-in Nvidia GeForce 860M.


I reinstalled Win 8.1 (again), followed by updating


- both chipset drivers

- storage drivers

- energy managment drivers

- Intel video card drivers

- Nvidia video card drivers


from the Lenovo download page - nothing else except one game for testing. And that worked, the game ran perfectly - until I rebooted.


Now it's the same situation as before. Both (Intel and Nvidia) drivers are proper according to the device manager. But the game (Planetside 2) runs with 20fps again - instead of 90fps before rebooting. I have the laptop connected to a larger external monitor.


Ensure that your laptop lid remains open when in use as the integrated Intel GPU will not kick in.


When the lid is closed the integrated Intel GPU is used while the lid is closed. 

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kamtec1 On 2016-08-27, 13:33 PM


Homin On 2016-11-16, 7:49 AM

This problem is weird. I though the 4600 is the one who control the HDMI port. This is mean it will using the 4600 no matter the lid is close or not when plug in the HDMI.


And I did say "weird" because IIRC the Nvidia Optimus (no Prime here... no joking. ok...) only running as secondary GPU no matter you want it or not. Some BIOS may allow you to disable the integrate graphic card, but mostly don't.


Quote from the Geforce Optimus site, "Using NVIDIA's Optimus technology, when the discrete GPU is handling all the rendering duties, the final image output to the display is still handled by the Intel integrated graphics processor (IGP). In effect, the IGP is only being used as a simple display controller, resulting in a seamless, flicker-free experience with no need to reboot." end quote.


So, external moniter using 4600 is normal you just have to check that Nvidia GPU is working in the application you running on external moniter.

GuileMike On 2019-12-25, 0:24 AM

So looking through this thread I am still lost.


I have a hisense tv that can do 60hz hdmi connection. 


I can never get the hdmi extended clone to ever go through the hdmi cable, just the integrated card. So is there a solution or not to have just the gforce go through hdmi?

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