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Y510P SLI - Full Screen View Minimizes To Desktop At Random


I had been having this weird problem but I've been unable to find a solution online. If I play a game or watch a movie in fullscreen, it will randomly minimize to the desktop. I don't know why. When I restore the window to fullscreen, everything looks normal.


It occurs:

  • Randomly every couple of hours.
  • When my laptop is connected to a TV using an HDMI cable.
  • When I use a USB mouse and keyboard.
  • When I play games like Origin and Steam.

Is there a way to detect what might cause this to happen?


The Windows Event Viewer can be checked for activity that might minimize a fullscreen game or computer application.


By checking the log, you can see what is causing the full screen to minimize. Then you can modify, disable, or delete the program or app.




Use these steps for troubleshooting:


1) Note the exact time of the disruption. 

2) Go to Control Panel >> Administrative Tools.

3) Open the Event Viewer and allow it to load the events. This may take 30 seconds or more to complete.

4) Go to Windows Logs and check the events under the different categories.

5) In the most common scenario, the latest event can be found in the Application or Security category. This event will most likely be related.

6) Check the event details and not which application initialized.

7) Now, click on Start and Search for MSConfig.

8) Under Services, find the application. Then disable it, so that it doesn't load at boot up.

9) If you don't need the application, you can also Uninstall the application from Programs & Features.


In this Community user's case, the culprit was the Citrix application. It was scheduled to perform an event which occurred every hour, causing the screen to minimize. Subsequently, the user uninstalled the application and the problem was resolved.

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Kansas77 On 2017-08-12, 0:24 AM

I'm trying to connect my laptop to tv but can't fit display not everything fits on the tv monitor taskbar doesn't fit screen is there a way to adjust this 

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