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Y570 Gaming Settings & Cooling Fan Tips


I just bought a new ideaPad Y570 i7, nVidia GeForce GT555m and I'm looking to play some games with it.


I'm not that familiar with the features that Lenovo Y570 has, thus would like to get some tips about gaming settings with the questions as showed below.


  1. What settings should I use for Thermal Management when gaming? 
  2. What's the difference between Standard, Super Silent and Efficient Thermal Dissipation?
  3. What do OneKey Theatre, Movie Mode and Intelligent Mode mean? What does it affect? Does it boost the graphics while I am gaming?
  4. When should I change to Theatre Mode, and the rest of other modes?
  5. Is it adviced to use a cooling fan while gaming?




  1. It is recommended that thermal management be set to Efficient Thermal Dissipation mode for better thermal management during gaming.
  2. The various thermal modes have different thermal controls. Hence, there will be different levels of noise generated, as the fan spins at different speeds in the various settings:

    (a) Super Silent mode - self explanatory in which the fan spins less or does not spin at all;
    (b) Standard mode - regular cooling with not too much noise generated;
    (c) Efficient Thermal Dissipation -  the fan will run at higher speeds to enable better cooling but it will be a bit louder than other modes.
  3. (a) OneKey Theatre mode -  a function that changes the contrast of the picture a little bit and enhances the audio experience.
    (b) Intelligent mode -  this modifies performance according to what you are doing, for instance listening to music, playing games, watching movies, browsing the internet.

    Please note that these settings will not boost the graphics in games.
  4. When watching a movie, Movie Mode should be selected. You can also run your system in Normal mode. Do play around with the various modes to see which best suits your needs.
  5. A cooling fan will not make a noticable difference. One tip -make sure that the back of the laptop is lifted a bit higher - you can put some books below the screen of the laptop to raise it a bit to make some room for better air circulation.


And now just a tip for gaming- update the Nvidia graphic drivers to 301.24 beta drivers.


To do this, download the driver from here

  1. Go to Install/Uninstall programs
  2. Uninstall everything you see that has Nvidia in its name(a one time restart of the computer will be necessary)
  3. Check once more if everything is uninstalled (if not, uninstall everything that's left by Nvidia)
  4. Run the downloaded 301.24 driver file
  5. Choose "Custom Installation"
  6. Tick the "Clean Install" at the bottom of the installer
  7. Then click Next, and the driver will start installing itself
  8. You may be prompted to restart your system. When prompted to do so, just click Restart now.


Your games should run slightly faster.

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LandLizard On 2014-09-24, 6:29 AM

  Is there a Lenovo Thermal Management for other laptops, where the Thermal Management can be invoked from a shortcut on the desktop or quick-launch bar? This sounds like a great program to have on my Z40.

  Edit: Did a search for "Energy Management" and there was indeed a more revised program hidden on my laptop. Found the file location using Task Manager and have a shortcut in the QuickLaunch bar now for future use.

ponna On 2019-02-10, 15:56 PM

ideapad 500 fan noise issue. we bought in singapore and india no support confirmed by lenovo exclusive support hyderbad ameerpet branch. what should we do??


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