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Z400: Adjusting Screen Brightness in Windows 8.1


I can't adjust or change my screen brightness with the hotkey (F11 and F12) or with the slider in Settings. This happened after I updated to WIndows 8.1.


Installing the Intel card driver may fix the issue, however, iinstallation of the drivers below is also recommended to ensure the brightness issue in Windows 8.1 is addressed.


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domdaleao On 2013-11-14, 22:46 PM

Worked. Thanks!

kyuchukova On 2013-11-15, 17:03 PM

Hi this worked for me installing the Drivers for win 8

go to Lenovo support web site http://support.lenovo.com

Choose drivers and software

Find your device

Choose category Video


Download and install the drivers, probably Intel one

tariqshakeel On 2014-01-07, 8:50 AM


I am using z500 touch. I updated windows 8.1. I used for 2 weeks almost. One day just by chance, I touched F12 key . My screen all the way went very dim. Intel driver reinstalling helped me and it worked.

After that I faced a new issue, My touchpad stopped working 100%. Now its zooming in and out is not working.

ddelatorre14 On 2014-05-27, 15:12 PM

Go to Control Panel>Display>Adjust Resolution>Click advanced settings>click properties>click driver tab... After you click update driver, it will ask you "how you want to search for driver software;" click "browse my computer for software" then next window choose "let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer;" you'll see compatible drivers, look for "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter" click next>


-I did it and its back to normal brightness!

phr0g On 2014-06-11, 13:42 PM

There is another thing that can cause this, as I found out, and it is the installation of TeamViewer.

This can install a "monitor" driver over the old one (something to do with black screen setting I think).


If you go into device settings, check the provider of the monitor driver. If it is Teamviewer, then uninstall it and scan for changes...make sure you end up with the Microsoft driver...


jeepao On 2014-11-05, 10:50 AM

Use basic display driver or update to the new driver if available for 8.1 Windows 8.1 Can't Adjust Brightness

viki_viki On 2014-11-25, 16:36 PM

I had the problem with the brightness in my idepad z400 and I installed de Intel Video Driver for Windows 8.1suggested here and after the instalation the screen stoped working and now it just blink and you can only see the cursor.

ajameel On 2014-11-29, 20:02 PM

I cannot adjust my brightness either and it is very dark, hurting my eyes. 

I cannot seem to install the Interl driver ... I get this error message after trying to run the file

IVY : cannot find set up file


What should I do?

vijayanram123 On 2015-03-11, 19:24 PM



After the installation of Windows 8.1, I had noticed  that the brightness of the laptop went down considerably low. Even by increasing or decreasing the brightness (F11 and F12) situation did not improve. The solution is a simple one. One just needs to re-install the graphic drivers and upgrade the Lenovo power management.


more vist .....raminfotech



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